Saturday, March 19, 2011

2 Year Anniversary ~ Cancer Free !

This is Cider on March 19, 2011 ~ our two year anniversary since her cancer surgery! Cider is happy and healthy and cancer free. Cider will be 11 years old this summer. She is still a puppy at heart.

Cider's leg is still flat where the tumor was removed.
All that remains from the surgical site is a bit of black scar tissue.

We are ready to enjoy Spring ~ the snow has almost melted :0)


  1. Hi. I came upon your blog while doing research for a continuing education presentation I am doing for my vet hospital in Seattle Wa. I am a veterinary surgical nurse and I think it is important for our staff to understand alternative forms of medicine for wounds that are having difficulty healing. Your story is exactly the kind of scenario I want to highlight. Would you mind if I use your story and Cider's pictures for my presentation? If you don't mind, so that I can offer complete information, were you giving Cider systemic antibiotics at the time you were treating her wounds with honey?

    Lynn, LVT
    Seattle, WA

  2. So sorry I missed your post! I'm rarely on here (thankfully!). I would love you to share Cider's story. Yes, you can use the pictures ! She was NOT on antibiotics. Just pain meds and a Saline solution rinse and Manuka Honey. Please email me directly if you need more info. There is a contact button on the "about me" section. Thank you!