Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cider's Story

Our dog Cider successfully recovered from her Cancer Surgery in March 2009. Her post surgery healing took about 2 months.

I have opened this blog to the public now, so I can share Cider's story with other pet owners that may be experiencing the same thing. Cider had an egg sized Soft Tissue Sarcoma removed from her front left leg. It was a rather aggressive "de-bulking" surgery that stretched her remaining skin to the max. We chose this option over amputation or chemotherapy. We knew it would be a difficult road, as the first two Vets we talked to recommended amputation.

Cider's story and her 2 months of post surgery challenges are summarized in the blog posts below. I would like to thank Dr. Julius Liptak and Dr. Charles Bruce of the Alta Vista Animal Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario for saving Cider's leg. To "shake a paw" is a wonderful thing : )