Friday, April 10, 2009

Houdini is in the House ~ A little humour

Look Mom ! No Bandage . . . . I am so proud of myself.
You need to do better than an e-collar for this ol' pup !

Sorry about the blanket . . . it just got in the way of my mission . . . . honest.

I won't do it again . . . . Promise. You just run off and do what you need to do. Really . . . I'm fine.

Well . . . maybe just one more time !

Ha Ha Ha ! Just kidding : )

I'll be good . . . while I sleep (note those patched chew holes)


Keep your dog near your bed or sleep on the couch beside her. Basically our dog could not be left alone at all. No matter how big the collar, or tight the bandage, she could figure out an escape. We bought a new e-collar every 7 days. She chewed through the clips, bent the sides over and folded it in half repeatedly. She never gave up !!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mommy Almost Faints

Cider and I went to the Alta Vista Animal Hospital today to have Cider's leg professionally cleaned. Before the honey treatment can begin the wound needs to be absolutely clean. I thought I was fine with yucky stuff . . . but apparently not. Cider was none too pleased with the scrubbing (can't blame her!). I was near her head while the four (yes 4 !!!) vet techs made sure she didn't make a run for it. They managed to hold her on the table, on her side. The vet got out the saline solution and cleaned her wound. I think I actually forgot to breath after a while. Looking at that "mess" and watching the saline syringe shoot liquid in through one hole and out the other. Yuck.

Then the vet lifted up the center portion of loose skin and said . . . "We'll have to watch this area . . . all this skin and surrounding area could die." I walked away at that point but really wasn't able to get myself together. I had to leave the room and sit for awhile. Quite embarrassing and certainly no moral support for my dog what so ever!

We both made it home eventually and Cider seemed to be as emotionally drained as I was. Lots of sleeping today. And so begins the first day of Cider's Manuka Honey treatment ~ and the hope that new skin will grow to fill in those awful holes. Hopefully Cider will let my husband and I treat her wound . . . as it will just be Steve and I with the dog.